Reona Woods is a multimedia artist working with code, electronics, video, and sculpture in Tallahassee, FL. She earned her BFA in Studio Art at Florida State University with a focus in Interactive Media and Text + Media. In addition, she was one of 4 Co-Directors of the Phyllis Straus Gallery at FSU for Fall 2018 - Spring 2019. Reona has worked as a Properties Artisan for the FSU School of Theater including being a Prop Master.

My work complies, recomposes, and repeats information. Minimalist forms contrast with crowded videos and sound. Seeking abundance on the internet, I sort through and organize redundant images and text. Using code or rules the work adheres to a system of making. The process is experimentation with materials that as a result of fast moving advances in technology have become disposed or irrelevant.  Video works are similar images that layer together into abstract compositions. Sculptures contemplate how information is can be manifested, presented, and obtained. Interactive installations translate spectators into data that appear in patterns. With humor, I anticipate the future where information implodes and histories are indiscernible.