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Remarks of past time

Live video and audio installation, 2019

Relating the functions of a cult to the workings of the American democratic system, I fabricate a distilled reality where figurative “pixels” gather for discussion. These pixels are metaphors for the organization of people and the relationship to the mediated image through screens.  A hierarchy with a single power questions the delineation of our understanding of a cult and obedience to a retained authority. The simple identical objects represent a loss of individuality for the sake of nationalist tradition. One box filters the conversations to the seven smaller constituents. The objects are produced as repeating forms, constructed to the likeness of dominant sculpture in a utopia where they are constant and complacent. The sculptures are perfected in this process of manufacturing; metal is polished to a mirror finish, wood is assembled with seamless edges, and paint is applied as an even surface. Sound is recorded live, filtered and incorporated with audio from broadcasted political events; a combination of applause and the voice of the speaker. The audio is assigned according to roles of the boxes to imitate the dynamics of these crowds. Climaxes and lulls in the sourced files dictate the amplitudes of the live sound. The recorded audio competes and is limited by the qualities of the appropriated audio. Custom software recognizes faces as people enter and a spotlight directs their placement in the room. These selected images are reflected and abstracted onto the sculptures. The viewer is implicated in this moment in which they participate in the gathering of these boxes. They become the subject of a disjointed conversation in the space as they act as passive participants to the staged congregation.

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